The Standard of Excellence in Veterinary Care

Veterinarians who are ABVP Certified have proven knowledge and expertise above and beyond what is required to practice veterinary medicine.

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Aligning with the Best Practitioners in the Field

Certification takes dedication, adherence to high standards of practice and continuing education. Ultimately, it sets you apart— among the most ambitious, forward-thinking professionals in veterinary care, driven by a commitment to the wellbeing of animals and those who care for them.

Additional ABVP Diplomate Benefits Include:

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Practitioner Path

Practitioner Path

Practitioner applicants must have five years clinical experience as a veterinarian.

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Residency Path

Residency Path

Residency applicants must complete a rotating internship, or a minimum of one year in practice.

Complete a two- or three-year, ABVP-approved residency training program.

ABVP Residency