I am interested in certification. How do I get started?
The first and best place to go is the ABVP Applicant Handbook. We encourage you to read it completely and then let us know what questions you have.

I am working on an article about veterinary medicine. Is there someone to contact for information?
Please reach out to our Outreach Chair, Dr. Brita Kiffney, with any questions you may have.

My pet/animal is really sick. Can you help?
The ABVP office is unable to answer questions regarding animals/pets and their health. Please look for an ABVP Diplomate in your area who can address your animal’s medical questions.

If I want to file a complaint against my veterinarian, do I contact you?
The best place to report any complaint is with your Veterinary State Board. A Veterinary State Board is the only organization that can record complaints against a veterinarian on his/her official state record or remove his/her license to practice.