Special animals, special situations, specialist care.

Why an ABVP Residency?

An ABVP residency meets one requirement for admission after completion of an internship or at least one year of practice in the specialty area and devoting a minimum of two years specialty training in an ABVP approved residency program in the RVS.

The sequence to be used:
(1) a rotating internship or a minimum of one year of practice
(2) a two or three year ABVP approved residency training program in the RVS

The ABVP Residency Handbook has instruction and guidance for clinical practice disciplines in the species related areas.

If you are interested in starting an ABVP residency at your practice or institution, please refer to the aforementioned handbook for details.

Program Payment
Please click on the amount listed to pay online.

Initial Program, $300
Annual Fee, $100

Initial program fees are due within 30 days of program approval. The annual fee is due on or before July 1 of each year. For complete payment requirements, please refer to the Residency Handbook.



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